Mads Nielsen

About me

My name is Mads Nielsen, I’m 37 years old and live in Skive, Denmark. I live in a house with my lovely wife.

As a person, I’m very outgoing, humorous and sympathetic. In addition, I’m a man who is very caring and one who may very well be a little bit naughty once in a while.


I like to go for walks, visit people and have fun with my wife. But I also like to sit and do some things by myself or maybe watch a movie.

And I have many different interests, among other things I’m very interested in computers and really enjoy sitting and being creative on screen. For me, it also means that I have my own servers at home, and here i’m hosting everything on Gaming is also a passion of mine and i just started up streaming my gameplay on Twitch.

Among my other interests are hydroponics farming, in April we sow our seeds and in May we start using our hydroponic tower garden.

In addition, I’ve always been interested in 3d printing, and in 2019 I bought my first 3d printer, so occasionally I’ll be making usable plastic parts for various purposes.

I’ll be writing on the blog about my interests from time to time.  |