3D-Print: Hydroponic Planter

Last year i made a hydroponic tower garden, but this year i wanted to make something for my tomato plants.

It took some time to get it to look exactly the way that i like and here is the result.

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3D-Print: Garden Wobble Sprinkler

I needed a sprinkler for the garden, and then I made it on my 3d printer, I tried over 3 designs on thingiverse. The first 2 designs wasn’t usable but this one is perfect. It covers an area of 10 m in diameter.

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3D-Print: Sprinkler Head

Distributes water evenly over plant leaves to enhance plant health and growth. Can be installed above each bottle (underneath drip nozzle). Fits 3/4 inch tubing.

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Repairing my lawnmower

My lawnmover is a Husqvarna automover 105.

As I prepared to charge the lawnmower during the winter I noticed that the rear wheel wasn’t doing so good. So I decided to disassemble it an look for a stl on thingiverse.com


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